April 17, 2021


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Nigerian music producer, Dokta Frabz is being laid to rest

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Music producer, Dokta Frabz was laid to rest on Friday in the United States. He passed away two weeks ago.

The lying in state was held at the Donald Borgwardt Funeral Home in Beltsville, Maryland; interment was at Maryland National Memorial.

Speaking at the gathering was his wife, who thanked everyone for their contribution.

He speech;

“I want to thank everybody for contributing to make this happen. My condolences to the family back home. It’s surreal, standing next to his body. I loved him unconditionally”.

“We said till death do us part when we married. Some take life and death for granted. This is it, it’s up to everyone. Ayo is dead now but there are a lot of people still living but dead”.

“He loved his family and children. He truly was a doctor in his craft. He would always say “be the best, be the best”. That’s Ayo. He was a definition of passion. He still lives, his legacy lives on”.

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