April 17, 2021


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Actress Rosy Meurer and her husband, Churchill welcomes their first child together

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Actress Rosy Meurer and her husband, Olakunle Churchill have welcomed their first child together.

Churchill shared the good news of the arrival of their son on his instagram account.

He said that his decision that he made two years ago concerning Rosy Meurer was not mistake but a divine ordination.

He said;

It’s a moment of bliss and Celebration to us as I announce the coming of King Churchill Junior, …from my formative years I have always had the royal tag of “King” for my kids to be greater than the father. Ahead of the mother’s day, I say a big congratulations to my lovely wife for this great testimony. This decision I made two years ago is not a mistake but a divine ordination.

My little King, welcome to the world, a great addition to the family. You shall grow with the wisdom of God, divinely protected and flowing with the oil of Grace. My son “KING 👑 CHURCHILL “, my ernest prayer is that you will be greater than your father and your peers in all attainments.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, support and love!!!

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