May 7, 2021


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US Impeachment Trial: Trump Acquitted

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As expected, the former US president Trump has been discharged and acquitted of any wrong doing in the impeachment trial that was brought to the senate by the Congress after he was impeached by the House.

Donald Trump

Trump’s defence lawyers really did a great job by providing substantial evidence and defending the former president as the played series of video to buttress their points during presentation and answering questions. The final vote was 57- 43 as 7 Republican senators joined the 50 Democrats to vote against Trump, but were unable to meet up with the 2/3 majority to convict Trump of criminal trial to incite his supporters against the state as Trump has been accused of inciting his supporters against the Congress.

short scenes videos

With this decision of the Senate, Trump has survived a second impeachment trial and now free from criminal protection and is free to contest election in future for the position of the President.

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