March 2, 2021


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Trump’s Impeachment Trial; Dead On Rival?

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In what could be termed the historic second impeachment of former president Donald Trump trial which is slated for next month is yet far from over and seems to be dead on arrival as a number of the Republican senators have moved to oppose the impeachment trial yesterday questioning the constitutionality of his impeachment trial since he is out of office.

There is no such impeachment trial of a former president as this in the history of United States of America. The House of Representatives swiftly impeached former president Trump on the 13th of January, 2021 , and charging him with inciting an insurrection at the U.S Capitol just a week before.

In the latest trial to decide his fate, senators will vote to either convict him or acquit him. Another bigger question is if the supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will preside over the impeachment trial as it did the last time as the constitution did not address if such could happen over a non sitting president. This has left a number of scholars divided.

But it has been argued that this impeachment if it eventually scales through will not affect Trump’s perks and security details as a former president as his tenure was not terminated by impeachment and conviction but by election and swearing in of Joe Biden.

Many believe Trump is likely going to survive this as it did the last time due to his massive fan base and supporters spread across which the Republicans still enjoy enormous goodwill from and will continue to enjoy in future.

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