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The First Jobs of Top 10 Billionaires in the world

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Can you imagine a Billionaire selling office products, developing programs and applications or selling sandwiches, to customers. Of course we would never imagine such privilege individuals engaging in such task. But in reality some of the world’s billionaires started their life from very humble beginnings.

Yes They may be seen flying in private jets and running successful companies now, but some of these billionaires each built their success from ground zero. Dambela takes a look at Top 10 Billionaires in the world and their first jobs.

  1. Mark Cuban
    • Net worth: $4.3 billion (April 2020)
    • First job: Door-to-door sales
    • Salary then: N/A

He is an American billionaire entrepreneur, television personality, media proprietor, and investor. Mark Cuban had shown interest in entrepreneur from an early age.

At 12 years old, the self-made billionaire went door-to-door selling boxes of garbage bags to pay for a pair of basketball shoes.
He credits this early lesson in hustling as the key to his success. He first found work as a bartender for a Greenville Avenue bar called Elan at Dallas, Texas and then as a salesperson for Your Business Software, a PC software retailers in Dallas. He got fired less than a year later, after meeting with a client to procure new business instead of opening the store. Today he is the owner of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Dallas Mavericks, co-owner of 2929 Entertainment, and chairman of AXS TV with an net worth estimated $4.3 billion, according to Forbes and ranked #177 on the 2020 Forbes 400 list.

  1. Richard Branson
    • Net worth: $4.1 billion (June 2020)
    • First job: Magazine owner, 1966
    • Salary then: N/A

He is an English business magnate, investor, author and former philanthropist. n the 1970s he founded the Virgin Group.
Known for doing anything on a small scale. After dropping out of high school at 16 years old, he started his first business venture with a youth culture magazine called Student, which was for students and run by students.
The first edition sold $8,000 worth of advertising, which covered the first run of 50,000 copies. Branson actually started Virgin as a mail-order business to help fund his magazine efforts and it later evolved into record sales and eventually, a record label.
In 2007, he was placed in the Time 100 Most Influential People in The World list. In June 2020, Forbes listed Branson’s estimated net worth at US $4.1 billion

8. David Geffen

• Net worth: $US$8 billion (September 2019)
• First job: Mailroom clerk, 1964
• Salary then: $1.60 per hour
• That salary today: $12.64 per hour

He is an American business magnate, producer, film studio executive, and philanthropist.
He is the Founder of DreamWorks SKG/Dreamworks Records, DGC Records. Geffen began his entertainment career in the mailroom at the talent agency William Morris, where he quickly became a talent agent open the mail and read memos on desks upside down There he figured out how he could be more valuable to the company. He later went on to found Asylum Records, Geffen Records and DreamWorks SKG. He is one of the richest people in the entertainment industry.

  1. Evan Spiegel
    • Net worth: $9 billion
    • First job: Red Bull promoter, 2008
    • Salary then: $385 per month
    • That salary today: $438 per month

He is an American businessman who is the co-founder and CEO of the American social media company Snap Inc., which he created (as Snapchat Inc.) along with Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown while they were students at Stanford University.

While a student, he worked as a paid intern for a biomedical company, as a careers instructor in Cape Town, South Africa, and at Intuit on the TxtWeb project.

He interned for Red Bull promoting the energy drink in bars and clubs while he was still in high school at Santa Monica’s exclusive Crossroads school.

Spiegel was the youngest billionaire in the world in 2015. As of 2016, he was ranked at number 854 on the Forbes 400 with $4 billion in wealth

  1. Giorgio Armani
    • Net worth: $6.69 billion (2018)
    • First job: Photographer’s assistant, 1957
    • Salary then: $1.38 per hour
    • That salary today: $12 per hour

He is an Italian fashion designer. Giorgio hit the national limelight while working for Cerruti and many other companies including Allegri, Bagutta and Hilton. In 1975 He formed his company, Armani, which eventually diversified into music, sport and luxury hotels.

Prior to his fashion business, Giorgio Armani served in the Italian military. It was during this time he got interested in fashion.

“I was doing my military service and I had 20 days off on vacation in Milan,” he once told Time magazine in 2009.

A friend asked if he wanted to earn some extra money helping a photographer at a department store and a future fashion icon was born. After the required military service was completed, Giorgio went to work at La Rinascente, a well-known department store in Milan, where he started his design career. Armani has gone on to design many stage outfits for pop superstars such as Lady Gaga.

By 2001 Armani was acclaimed as the most successful designer of Italian origin, and is credited with pioneering red-carpet fashion.

  1. Jack Dorsey
    • Net worth: $13 billion (January 2021)
    • First job: Software engineer, 1991
    • Salary then: $44,971 per year
    • That salary today: $80,825 per year

An American technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and the founder and CEO of Square, a financial payments company. In his younger days, Dorsey worked occasionally as a fashion model.

He came up with the idea that he developed as Twitter while studying at New York University. Jack Dorsey’s first job was working on dispatching as a programmer. When he was still a high school student in St. Louis, the Twitter founder became fascinated with computer programming — especially managing fleets of taxi cabs and delivery vehicles.
By age 14, Dorsey had become interested in dispatch routing. Some of the open-source software he created in the area of dispatch logistics is still been used by taxicab companies in the world. He walks five miles to work each morning.

  1. Warren Buffett
    • Net worth: $85.6 billion
    • First job: Newspaper deliverer, 1944
    • Salary then: $175 per month
    • That salary today: $2,433 per month

Warren Buffer is an American investor, business tycoon, philanthropist, and the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway He started his career as a newspaper delivery boy for The Washington Post. Buffett managed to squirrel away $2,000 by the time he was 15 and invested $1,200 of it in a 40-acre farm, where he had a profit-sharing deal with the farmer.

Buffett had worked from 1951 to 1954 at Buffett-Falk & Co. as an investment salesman; from 1954 to 1956 at Graham-Newman Corp. as a securities analyst; from 1956 to 1969 at Buffett Partnership, Ltd. as a general partner; and from 1970 as Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. In 1954, Buffett accepted a job at Benjamin Graham’s partnership. His starting salary was $12,000 a year (about $114,000 today) Over his decades of investing, Buffett never lost touch with his roots — in 2012, he challenged Berkshire’s annual meeting attendees to a newspaper toss contest.

As of December 2020, He was the world’s fourth-wealthiest person. He founded The Giving Pledge in 2009 with Bill Gates, whereby billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their fortunes

  1. Mark Zuckerberg
    • Net worth: $90 billion
    • First job: Software engineer, 2006
    • Salary then: $0 — Zuckerberg turned down a $1 million purchase offer from Microsoft and made the software open source.

Mark is an American media magnate, internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Zuckerberg began using computers and writing software in middle school. He once built a software program he called “ZuckNet” that allowed all the computers between the house and his father’s dental office to communicate with each other.

Mark Zuckerberg was still in college when he founded Facebook, alongside his ollege roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. While in high school,

Zuckerberg created music-recommendation software called Synapse, which was similar to Pandora.

In 2002, several software companies, including Microsoft and AOL, showed interest in purchasing Synapse and offered Zuckerberg a job, but he chose to enroll at Harvard University, instead — and the rest is history. Five years later Microsoft purchased a 1.6 percent share in Facebook for a cool $240 million.

As of January 2021, Zuckerberg’s net worth stood at $90 billion making him the 4th-richest person in the world. He is the only person under 40 years old in Forbes’ list of the 20 richest people

  1. Jeff Bezos
    • Net worth: $85.7 billion (January 2021)
    • First job: McDonald’s fry cook (1980s)
    • Salary then: $2.69 per hour
    • Todays salary: $8 per hour

He is an American internet entrepreneur, industrialist, media proprietor, and investor. He is the founder, CEO, and president of the multi-national technology company Amazon. Bezos is the world’s second richest person after Elon Musk

This Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has come a long way from his days doing a summer job flipping burgers at McDonald’s. It was there he learned to get down to business.

He also worked on Wall Street doing a variety of related fields from 1986 to early 1994. According to him. “My first week on the job, a 5-gallon, wall-mounted ketchup dispenser got stuck open in the kitchen and dumped a prodigious quantity of ketchup onto every hard-to-reach kitchen crevice,”

Bezos told author Cody Teets. “Since I was the new guy, they handed me the cleaning solution and said, ‘Get going!’”

  1. Elon Musk
    • Net worth: $201 billion (January 2021)
    • First job: Software engineer, 1983
    • Salary then: $500 selling price for computer game
    • That salary today: $1,228

Elon is a business magnate, industrial designer and engineer. He is the founder, CEO, CTO and chief designer of SpaceX; early investor,[b] CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; co-founder of Neuralink; and co-founder and initial co-chairman of OpenAI.

The citizen of South Africa, Canada and the United states once attempted to get a job at Netscape, never received a response to his job inquiries. He ended dropping out of Stanford after two days, deciding instead to join the Internet boom and launch an internet startup.

Prior to co-founding Zip2,, an online bank (now PayPal) and SpaceX Elon had worked odd jobs at a farm and lumber-mill while at Canada after arriving from South Africa.

The Tesla founder has always been an avid fan of technology and space. At the age of 10, he developed an interest in computing while using the Commodore VIC-20. This culminated in him writing a code for his own space-themed video game called “Blastar,” which he sold to PC and Office Technology magazine for $500 just at 12 years old. Musk became the richest person in the world in January 2021

So before you look down on some ambitious people who are struggling to make it in their future aspirations, just remember this set of individuals were once workers doing regular jobs and earning average salaries prior to finding success.

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