January 16, 2021


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Trump commits to Orderly Transfer of Power as Twitter, Facebook Temporarily blocks accounts

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Following the certification of the US Presidential election by the Joint session of the US lawmakers coupled with the recent political unrest that took place in the US Capitol .

President Trump has finally issued a Press statement committing to a “Peaceful Transfer of Power” come January 20th during which President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United State

Despite accepting to allow the Traditional rites associated with the Transfer of power in the United States. He still insist the election was rigged and promises to continue challenging the result.

In another development, Top Tech companies. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram have taken an unprecedented move on Wednesday temporarily blocking President Donald Trump after he had repeatedly posted false accusations about the integrity of the election on their platforms.

The decision by the Tech companies is also linked to the wake of the civil unrest that took place in the US Capitol due to President Trump’s appeal to his ardent supporters to reject the certification of the result by the Lawmakers.

For weeks since he lost the Presidential election to Joe Biden, President Trump had fueled his supporters with false statements, conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric. Frequently, Twitter had flagged his false allegations on his Twitter account.

Twitter which was the first to lock Trump out of his account for 12 hours stated that future violations could result in a permanent suspension.
Their competitors Facebook and Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook followed up in the evening, announcing that Trump wouldn’t be allowed to post on their platforms for 24 hours following violations of its policies.

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