January 26, 2021


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President Trump Finally Signs $900b Stimulus Bill

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Amidst continues pressure from the Congress in the United States over the Covid-19 pandemic stimulus bill as a way of providing palliatives due to the effect of lock down, President Donald Trump has finally made a u-turn from his previous decision not to sign the bill wishing the increase the pay from $600 per individual to $4000 by signing the bill into law.

It has been a week long battle between the outgoing president and the Congress which is made up of both the Republican and Democrat members. But the President seems to have succumbed to presure by signing into law the $900 billion stimulus package.

In his previous tweets, the president tweeted that the American citizens deserve just more than $600 but rather , the stimulus package should be increased to $2000 for the individuals and additional $2000 for their families, but seems this suggestion been declined by the congress.

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