February 25, 2021


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35 passengers abducted by Book Harram on Borno highway

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35 commuter passengers have been abducted by suspected Boko Haram insurgents on a Borno highway, a senior security source said.

The source said the commuters were travelling at about 6pm on Friday when they encountered the insurgents dressed in military camouflage.

He said the commuters were few kilometres away from Maiduguri and were rushing to meet up with the 6pm window allowed for vehicles to get into troubled Maiduguri.

One commuter who was lucky not to be abducted told journalists that when they got to Garin Kuturu, they saw a massive fire and at first they thought it was bush burning but on getting closer, they realised that a big truck had been set ablaze by hoodlums, many of whom were dressed in military camouflage.

He said it was already too late for some of them as they had already run into the ambush.

He said: “All we could see is the insurgents storming towards us, before most vehicles could make a U-turn, the insurgents had already caught up with many.

“Some of the passengers however were able to flee into the bush, but about 35 persons were abducted, two private vehicles and one truck were set ablaze.”

The source added that some vehicles were abandoned as the insurgents took to their heels with many fleeing into the bush.

A security source said that no search protocol has been put in place for the abducted persons yet.

He said that this kind of search requires a lot of logistics and the government has not assisted with the needed logistics to go after the insurgents.

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