February 26, 2021


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United States Removes Sudan From State Sponsors of Terrorism

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The United States of America, has finally concluded the process of removing Sudan from state sponsors of terrorism list. This took place on the 14th of December 2020 according to the US embassy in the state capital Khartoum.

The statutory congressional period of 45 days has elapsed and the secretary of state has signed a notification stating rescission of Sudan’s state sponsor of Terrorism Designate becomes effective today and will be published in the Federal Register, the US embassy stated on its social media platforms.

It would be recalled that President Donald Trump had in October stated that Sudan will come out of the list if it pays a compensation of a whopping sum of $335m (259m) to victims and families of the 1998 al-Qaeda’s bomb attack attack of the United States embassies in Africa.

Reports have it that the prime minister of Sudan Abdalla Hamik had responded by stating that the funds had been transferred. Sudan was listed as one of the countries on the list of state sponsored terrorists when it hosted Osama Bin Laden who lived there as a guest to the government. Other states captured in the list are Iran, North Korea and Syria.

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