January 23, 2021


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The White House communications director has resigned

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The White House communications director, Alyssa Farah, has resigned after 3½ year of service in President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday.

She is one of the high-profile appointees to leave after the November 3 US election.
The Lebanese American disclosed plan to “pursue new opportunities”. Her last day is today, Friday.

Trump has not yet conceded to Joe Biden, or stopped insisting that fraud was committed in favour of the Democrat.

Her journey in the white house started as press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence in 2017 before joining Defense Department as press secretary September 2019, and she returned to the White House as communications director in April.

She tweeted that It’s been “the honor of a lifetime” to serve in the Trump Administration.

The political advisor lauded the “incredible things” accomplished to make America stronger and safer.

She hailed the destruction of ISIS caliphate, return of American hostages, strengthened NATO, Middle-East peace deals, and the truce between the Afghanistan government & and the Taliban.

She also listed “historic tax cuts, putting money back in the pockets of hard working Americans”, and creation of the “most inclusive economy in American history”.

“Finally, I’m honored to have worked with the entire team on Operation Warp speed who helped usher in a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine in record time that will save countless thousands of lives”, she wrote.

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