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US Decides: Nov 3 D-day

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_ A candidate needs 270 out of 538 Electoral Votes to secure the presidency.

Just one day to the final US Presidential elections, tensions are high around the world as who becomes the next elected US President. While the incumbent Donald trump fights to secure a second Term. A former US Senator and Vice President under the Obama Presidency is keen on ending his presidency. If Donald Trump loses his bid, he will join Modern Presidents like Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr. who lost their second term bid.

There has been several opinion and Tracker polls covering the election process. Just like the 2016 elections. Majority of polls favour Joe Biden defeating the incumbent president.

From result polls, Biden’s Path to 270 seems to widens while Trump’s Path Narrows. There are 13 Battleground states also regarded in the US politics as Swing states that could make or mar each candidates chances of winning the elections. The battleground state could reasonably be won by either the Democratic or Republican presidential candidate by a swing in votes.

The swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin are seen as very competitive and decisive on who emerges as winner of the race.

These 13 states could hold the key to the 2020 presidential election. For this battleground states, Joe Biden and Donald Trump will focus their efforts towards winning the 270 electoral votes needed to reach the White House.

The states that regularly lean to a single party are known as safe state while the Toss-up states which are currently Georgia and Iowa are those states with an unpredictable outcome as the votes could either way. If Biden is lucky to win all of the toss-up states, he would garner a huge 375 electoral votes, a total votes larger than any presidential candidate since Bill Clinton in 1996. in 2016, the trio of the midwestern states that powered Trump’s 2016 victory were Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. But these states are now leaning towards Biden.

Race to 270 electoral vote

Major Poll trackers categorizes states as either Safe Republican, Likely Republican, Lean Republican, Toss-up, Lean Democratic, Likely Democratic or Safe Democratic. For a candidate to be declared a winner. He needs 270 out of 538 Electoral Votes to secure the presidency. According to US News. Biden has 279 against Trump’s 163 while Toss-ups is at Solid Republican remains at 97, Likely Republican 28, Toss-up 134, Lean Democratic 67, Likely Democratic 30 while Safe Democratic is at 182

For Donald Trump, he will need to win some of the states that are currently leaning toward Mr. Biden to reach 270 electoral votes. But he can afford to lose some of the states that he won in the 2016 election and still win a second term.

Trump would need to win at least two of the seven states currently sitting in Lean Democrat: Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New Hampshire. Minnesota, Nevada and New Hampshire were carried by him in the 2016 elections.

With over 90 million early votes cast by the eve of US election day, Americans are engaged in one of the highly contested elections for the president, one third of the Senate, and all of the House of Representatives.

Dambela decided to do an opinion poll of who viewers feel will emerge winner at the US Presidential elections

Kindly cast your votes for your favorite candidate below.

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Who do you think will win the 2020 US Presidential elections
Who do you think will win the 2020 US Presidential elections
Who do you think will win the 2020 US Presidential elections

Who is likely to Win the 2020 US Presidential elections

  • Donald Trump (100%, 2 Votes)
  • Joe Biden (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 2

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