March 2, 2021


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Breaking: US Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett As Supreme Court Justice

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Amidst mild protest coming from the Democrats in the congress and senate, the Republicans in the Senate have finally succeeded in ratifying and confirming the judge Amy Barret Coney as the new justice to the US supreme court.

This is coming barely some few weeks to the US presidential general elections which many see as a political calculation by the Donald Trump administration to tilt the voting pattern in favour of the Republican party against their main rival opposition party the Democrats.

Judge Amy Barret Coney has now been sworn in as the newest justice of the supreme court and said to be a staunch catholic and a very strict and disciplined judge and also someone who is anti gay and anti abortion movement in the US.

This might be a game changer to President Trump’s political tactics to garner more votes from the religious perspective especially from catholic fatefuls in the United States.

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