February 26, 2021


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Negative Economic Growth As Nigerian Youths Continue Protest Against SARS

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Inspite of the Inspector General of Police’s acceding to the Nigerian youths demand on #ENDSARS protests across the country and globally, by issuing a directive from the force command to dissolve the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad across the federation, the Nigerian youths have continued to protest against SARS brutality.

It was learnt that the youths have presented 5 demands to the government on the anti SARS protest key among which is scrapping out SARS but even though the government has acceded to the demand, the youths are still not happy as the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed has introduced a new unit called SWAT as a replacement to SARS.

This is obviously being seen as an ordinary change of name or nomenclature with same group of people controlling the operations of SARS, without no extra or new training or recruitment process, techniques, tactics, and mode of operations.

This has also culminated into plunging the economy into a negative growth as movements in major cities have be restricted, major roads blocked, goods and passengers were not being able to be conveyed to their various destinations as the protest against SARS brutality , killing and maiming of youths, sexual harassment, rape ,extortion etc continues across the states of the federation.

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