February 25, 2021


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US Presidential Debate: Trump & Biden Clash In Debate

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In the first American presidential debate , Trump and Biden tended to have clashed in chaotic and combative debate as both tried to push up there ideas and programs.

Frequent interruptions, insults in off – the – rails debate and  verbal assaults.  Not much was left to be desired in the debate which eventually turned out to be a verbal attack as Trump took up Biden on a personal and family matters which saw biden at a point asking the President to ‘shut up’.

They were asked many questions ranging from the state of the American economy, racism and black lives, climate change, tax, health and medical related issues amongst others.

Trump boasted to have increase alot of jobs during his 4 years in office and have improved the state of the economy more than he met it during the Obama-Biden era.

They both battle over the issue of the pandemic and Covid-19,  in the middle of the heated debate, Trump called out Trump stating that he is ‘not smart”.

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