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Top 10 Nollywood popular celebrities now turned pastors

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They were once adorned and loved by their numerous fans on the Nigerian screens for their amazing acting skills. These unique men and women who portrayed several roles in the Nollywood industry have now fond a new love in a different industry one could not have imaged they would end up in. While some are still acting in minor roles, others have abandoned the business that first brought them to national limelight to the business of searching for lost souls in the Lord’s vineyard. Dambela brings to you Top 10 Nollywood actors/actresses that have turned to pastor.

10. Majid Michel Majid

Michel is who is a Ghanaian actor and the only non-Nigerian actor on this list. The fair handsome actor made his Nigerian Nollywood debut in the 2009 romantic drama, Emerald, were he played a leading role alongside Genevieve Nnaji. Unlike his other Nollywood counterparts that quit acting completely after given their life to Christ, Majid Michel still acts but is very selective in his roles. On 4 October 2016, he was a guest minister at a local church.

9. Dan Oluigbo

One of the pioneers of the early Nollywood. Apart from starring as a Chief Priest in the 1992 First Nigeria Movie Living in Bondage. Other films he has starred in include Evil Deed, Stolen Crown. He is now the Pastor of Trinity Life Centre, a Interdenominational church.

8. Okey Ogunjiofor

One of the pioneer founders of the Nollywood film industry. He was among the actors in the renowned 1992 movie Living in Bondage. What is it with actors of the movie as most of the actors who stared in this film are now Pastors. Okey is not left out as he too has joined the vineyard of the Lord preaching the Gospel while writing motivational Christian book.

7. Kanayo O. Kanayo
This renowned actor born Anayo Modestus Onyekwere popularly known as Kanayo O. Kanayo is known for several movie roles many of whom are ignoble roles. Seems to film directors that he was too good in the bad roles that he is known for his villain roles. Since his first featured in the 1992 blockbuster movie “living in bondage” This prolific Mbaise born actor has acted in several movies. He has reportedly been seen preaching the Gospel at Christ Mission Worldwide Church Egbeda. He was recently called to the Nigerian Bar Association also joining the list of actors turned Lawyers such as RMD. Another list for another day Folks.

  1. Charles Okafor

Who could easily forget this actor turned pastor known for his energetic roles in the early days of Nollywood. Just as he was able to portray his roles as an actor he has also in the Church ministry winning souls for Jesus Christ. He recently played the Legendary role of the late Bishop Idahosa in the movie Idahosa Trails

5. Pat Attah

Now would you have ever believed that this Nollywood bad boy and lover boy of the movie industry who won the hearts of ladies would abandon the industry to become winner of souls in the Lord’s ministry.
This Former Nollywood hunk is now a pastor in Germany were he spreads the word of God to his audience. His story shows that even those we may see as not fit for serving God can become the strongest servants of God.

4. Eucheria Anunobi

Another Talented actress that the Ministry of God has snatched from the Nollywood film industry. Eucharia known for crying and emotional roles in movies is known for her controversial roles and Failed marriage.

Since hitting the limelight in the movie Glamour Girls. She has gone on to feature in several movies such as Abuja Connection. She made headlines when she lost her only son to Sickle Cell Anemia. An event many said made her give her life to Christ.
She soon quit the glitz and glamour to become a fisher of men in the soul-winning business. She is now a self acclaimed Born again Christian.

She is now an Evangelist having been ordained at the Fresh Oil Ministry Church, Egbeda, Lagos State by Pastor Psalm Okpe. She now preaches at Fresh Oil Ministry Egbeda Lagos.

3. Zack Orji

This soft spoken gentle actor who was a one time Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) decided to join the rank of actors turned pastors. An actor, director, filmmaker and movie producer. He first came to spotlight in 1991 in a movie titled Unforgiven Sin.
He is now an evangelist and Pastor at the Power Line Bible Church having been ordained in the ministry in 2012. His pastoral work has taken him around Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Despite his calling he still acts in movies though he choses his roles carefully and doesn’t act in several movies like he did in the past.

2. Patience Ozokwor (AKA Mama G)

Patience Ozokwor popularly known as Mama G is a renowned Nollywood icon and actress known for portraying wicked characters in the Nigerian movies as “wicked step-mother” or “wicked mother-in-law”. She has also join the list of renowned Nollywood actors who have found solace in serving the Lord. In 2019, she was seen ministering in a church in Lagos, St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Alaba, Lagos State. It is however uncertain if she has left her screen career entirely for full-time evangelism.

  1. ELizabeth Benson-Ameye

Elizabeth Benson popularly known by her stage name Liz Benson can be regarded as one of the most talented actress that ever grace the screen of Nollywood industry. This versatile actress turned pastor could play a role as a child, young spinister, married woman in her 40s and as a elderly women. Her strong performances in the movies left her audience gasp for breath leaving many directors sorting for her.

Well that was in the past as the lady known for her early roles in the soap opera Fortunes and movie Glamour Girls is now a an ordained evangelist since 2006. She got married to her husband Bishop Great Ameye of Freedom Family Assembly in Warri, Delta State where she now runs the church with her Family.

Even though they continue to remain in the limelight by virtue of their new found roles in the church, They will surely be missed by their fans and their former colleagues in the big screens.

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