February 24, 2021


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Covid-19: Russia Moves Ahead Of Other Nations,Gets Approval Of Vaccine

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Covid-19: Russia Moves Ahead Of Other Nations, Gets Approval Of Vaccine

It’s quite an amazing feat for the global community and Russia in particular as it announced its successful production of the first batch of its newly approved vaccine, Sputnik V, some hours after health ministry reported the commencement of its production.  This was disclosed in a statement  made by the Russian Health Ministry and quoted by Russian news agencies.

It would be recalled that the Russian President,  Vladimir Putin, some few days ago announced the registration of the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine in what could be described as a step ahead of other vaccine developments.

But this announcement of its approval was met with caution from world scientists and World Health Organisation (WHO) who expressed non approval and demanded a rigorous safety review,  and some fear Russia could be doing this just for it’s own political gains ahead of other developed nations thereby putting national prestige safety ahead of safety.

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