May 7, 2021


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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reunites in tears of love

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Following their divorce claims, kanye West and his popular TV personality wife Kim had got reunited days after the singer who turned politician apologised to her publicly at the Grammy award concert.

He has spoken about how they tried having an abortion of their first child North lambasting Kim’s mother Kris Jennifer and also how he had been trying to get a divorce paper since two years after after Kim had a professional meeting with a popular rapper Meek Mill in an hotel.

The reunion was said to have been an emotional one as the TV personality star Kim flew to Wyoming to meet with the presidential hopeful Kanye West. Kim hasn’t seen Kanye for weeks running.  She is said to be very emotional about everything and has also got herself exhausted after trying to reach him several times without success.

Kim had earlier made a post that the rapper is bipolar in nature and have since tried to avoid going public about their relationship because of the stigma attached to it and its misconceptions too.

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