February 24, 2021


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Covid-19: Panic as WHO Records High Rising Cases

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The World Health Organisation has released a report showing an increase in the number of cases rising by 284,196 within 24 hours, while the number of death cases rose by 9,753 which is the highest since April  30 when the WHO recorded 9,797 death cases and 259,848 number of cases since July 18.

With this latest report, the number of of recorded death cases is now on the average of 5,000 per day in July,  up from an average of 4 600 daily as compared to the month of June.

According to the World Health Organisation, this new surge in cases are mostly from the United states with 69,641 new cases, Brazil with 49,310 cases, India with 49,310 and 13,104 for  South Africa. This is the first time the number of new daily infections has surpassed a quarter of a million. 
Global death cases rose by 7,360 the largest daily increase in May with the biggest increase in Peru 3,876 deaths , Brazil 1,284 , US  1,074, Mexico 790 and 740 for India.

India became the third nation to record more than 1 million cases of the Corona-Virus disease on July 17, 2020 after the United states and Brazil.

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