February 25, 2021


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Nigerian Night Mare,Usman defeats Maldavian,Lifts Black Spirits

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It was was indeed a great lifting of the black spirits and indeed Nigerians the world over as Kamaru Usman, popularly known as the Nigerian night mare defeated the Cuban-American martial fighter Jorge Marsvidal in a one-sided mixed Martial art title contest on Sunday morning in the United Arab Emirates in the UFC Welterweight belt contest.

Usman deployed all skills and tactics including foot stomps,grappling against the fence and smothering tactics on the floor to force his opponent Maldavian to succumb in the fight he was tipped to win the belt holder, Kamaru, thereby causing him to retain his championship title.

Kamaru Usman has indeed brought hope to the African nation and inspired alot of black people the world over, and indeed a shining light to Nigeria especially to her battered image done to our nation by few blacks recently.

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