February 25, 2021


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Revealed: Top 5 Reasons EFCC Boss, Ibrahim Magu was arrested and suspended

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It is no longer news that Ibrahim Magu is under arrest and facing a presidential panel headed by Justice Ayo Salami and has been suspended from acting as the chairman of the anti-graft commission EFCC over series of allegations levelled against him.

This is the first time the head of the anti-graft agency would be arrested , suspended and made to face a panel.

Below, we bring to you , the top 5 reasons he was arrested, suspended and being interrogated by a presidential panel set up to investigate him.

1) The Arrest of Hushpuppi and Woodbery by the FBI and Dubai Police Authority

The arrest of popular instagram influencers and accused international fraudsters and money lauderers Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi and Olawale Ponle aka Woodbery could be said to be the last straw that finally broke the camel’s back in the case of the suspended EFCC boss as this has brought a great damage and national embarrassment to the image of Nigeria and Nigerians to the world at large and also put a big question mark to the fight against corruption by the Buhari led administration and the ruling All Progressives Congress.

It is generally known that Hushpuppi did not just start showing off and flaunting his ill gotten wealth of recent, intact as a matter of fact, he has been in Nigeria as far back as the beginning of Magu’s administration as EFCC boss, yet no query or question was raised as to his source of income even when hushppupi was in Nigeria. The EFCC failed to do its job and allowed the FBI in conjunction with the Dubai police authority to finally arrest him thereby causing Nigeria a serious damage to our hard earned image which will require a lot of damage control to correct. Nigerians are now being seen as fraudsters all over the world.

According to Al Jallaf of the Dubai police, the fraud committed by them was more than Dh 1.6 billion. And more than Dh 150 million in cash has been recovered and 13 luxury cars worth Dh25 million have been confiscated, including hard disk drive containing 119,580 fraud files as well as 20 computers, 15 memory cards,47 smartphones and addresses of over 2 million people. Including both individual and corporate organizations data, accounts numbers,files, etc which they use in committing their Business Email Compromise (BEC)

The government in an effort to spike up its anti corruption campaign and clean up part of the mess being created all over by this Hushpuppi scenario had to dig into Magu’s activities as the head of the anti corruption agency by arresting and interrogating him.

2) The Bullion Van factor

It would be recalled that during the build up to the 2019 general elections on the 22nd  of February at about 1700hrs , two bullion vans were seen in a video that went viral two bullion vans in his compound which many saw as funds to buy votes and an insult to the right thinking minds of every Nigerians.

The EFCC boss had come under heavy attacks over the bullion van scenario as many Nigerians have called for the probe of the whole incidence that led into the popular politician’s activities. How can an individual with so much pride and arrogance order bullion vans into his compound at the eve of an election? The questions still begs for an answer. And even when the EFCC was expected to swing into actions ,the agency asked Nigerians to write a petition to it, which many also saw as an anomaly, does this mean every supposedly crime incidence must require a petition from the public? And even when the petition was written nothing was seen or said to have been done.
This also has created the impression that the EFCC is a biased institution and only goes after selected individuals and politicians from the opposition party.
The said politician even boasted that the fund belongs to him, and he had no dealings or contract with the government.

3) The Recovered and Relooted Fund factor

The suspended EFCC boss has been accused of not giving proper account of looted funds so far recovered from corrupt politicians over the years and has since been having a running battle with the AGF SAN Malami over this issue for some time now. Reports have it that Ibrahim Magu has been accused of diverting funds recovered from corruption as figures being given to the public are said to be at variance with what is actually the real figure. 

In a recent interview he granted before his arrest, he was said to have been quoted as saying funds recovered so far was about 20 billion short of the actual figure.
One of the allegations against Magu is the dis­crepancies in the figures of assets recovered.
It was said that while he claimed that the commis­sion had recovered N980 billion worth of assets, what is in the account is less than N100 billion.

Malami, in a memo to President Muhammadu Buhari, had recommended Magu’s sack. He anchored his recommendation on sev­eral grounds ranging from diversion of recovered loot to insubordination and mis­conduct.

And these funds are believed to have been relooted and diverted to other local and foreign accounts.

4) The Saraki and PDP factor

The suspended EFCC boss is said not to have done a good job in the case of the former senate president Bukola Saraki during his trial at various cases he had with this administration who tried in vain to establish criminal case against Saraki. The EFCC under Ibrahim Magu failed to produce substantial evidence against the Ex senate president thereby  bringing the whole trial saga to a nullity and bringing the whole effort of the executive arm of government to ridicule before the whole world as it failed to garner enough evidence before ,during and after the trial.

The executive had so much relied on the anti-graft commission to do a perfect job against Saraki in order to nail the latter and strip him of his position as the Senate president but the whole process finally ended up in favour of Saraki whom many later saw as the victim thereby bring the whole process as a media trial and an exercise in futility.
This has been one of the major issues he was said to have with the cabals and they have not been too happy with him ever since and also the failure to prosecute with concrete evidence members of the opposition party as they have grown so bold and more formidable over the past 5 years since the inception of the Buhari administration so much so that they were able to perform even better than the ruling party in the last general election as they won more states and even took some states hitherto belonging to the ruling party.

To the ruling party, had Magu done a good job, most of them would have been convicted or facing trials rather than have more formidable force to win elections.

5) The 40million Apartment factor

Ibrahim Magu is said to be leaving a lavish lifestyle life style not commiserate with his source of income as a civil servant. He is being accused of staying in a 40 million naira furnished apartment being paid by an accused corrupt individual and not even the agency.

Ibrahim Magu has been accused of maintaining a high profile life style, flying first class airlines a case at hand was when he travelled to Saudi Arabia for lesser hajj took first class worth 2.9 million inspite of the presidential directive of economy ticket for all public servants, and also said to be living in a mansion worth over 40 million naira being paid by one retired air commodore Umar Mohammed, a man who is also being accused of corruption and has been arrested too. Magu was said to have awarded him a contract through his firm Africa Energy to the Tune of 43 million to furnish the said apartment.

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