May 7, 2021


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The hypocrisy of President Buhari’s administration in Nigeria

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It was with great shock and surprise when news of the sack of National Working Committee of the ruling party APC filtered in some days back as most Nigerians watched how President Buhari who has kept mute over the years on our redundant service chiefs and the fight against the insurgent Boko Haram, to a decisive action to nail the rancorous NWC of its operations and internal crisis.

Many Nigerians have been clamoring for a change in the security architecture in the country which has seen thousands of our soldiers lost their lives including many civilians and causing many to be internally displaced.

Recently, the Yoruba socio-political group has also lent its voice to call out the president to also do exactly the same thing it did to the APC NWC which had its own crisis barely three weeks ago but only scolded the security chiefs for its lack luster performance. We can not afford to ignore this major critical issue whereby millions of Nigerian lives are being lost and displaced and the government continues to treat them with kid gloves.

It will also be noted that southern leaders have also berated the government of President Buhari over its nepotistic attitude in terms of job allocations and the federal character principle. Stating that the South-East and South-south zone have been marginalized over appointments and job allocation and have taken the matter to court.

We hereby appeal to the presidency to equally take a decisive action on the issue of the security architecture largely headed by men from a particular zone of the country and also equal distribution of federal appointments across all regions and state of the federation in line with the federal character principle just as he did to the ruling party APC.

1 thought on “The hypocrisy of President Buhari’s administration in Nigeria

  1. Truly he should be bold enough to dismiss the security heads same way he was quick to dissolve the APC national working committee. His actions is very hypocritical as it proves that his party welfare is of more priority to the security of Nigerians who voted him to office. So sad.

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