Following the lifting of travel restrictions by various countries all over the world, countries across Europe has placed travel restrictions to some high risk countries amongst which are the United states, Nigeria, New zealand, Canada, Mozambique,Paraguay, Namibia,South Korea, Rwanda,Tunisia,Venezuela, China, Uruagua, Egypt, Japan,Ethiopia,Mauritius,Kosovo,Paraguay,Costa Rica,Serbia,Uzbekistan,Zambia,India,Geogia,Lebanon,Ukraine,Russia,Kosovo,Jamaica,Turkmenistan,Saint Lucia,Vietnam,Indonesia,Serbia,Palau,Nicaragua,Montenegro,Mongolia,Thailand,Vatican City etc.

The EU on June 11 gave out some recommendations on the reopening of internal Schengen borders on 15 June, in order to allow European citizens to travel freely within the border areas just as they did before Covid-19 pandemic.

The Europe has the right to determine which country it would permit to come into its borders, which is strictly on health ground according to its spokesman.


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