April 11, 2021


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Man stabs wife to death, kills self in Lekki mansion

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It was an horror scene in the home of a couple living in lekki mansion as a man who accused his wife of infidelity stabbed his wife to death and also committed suicide by drinking snipper.

The man identified as Femi claimed that he is not the Father of their second child and accused the wife of commiting adultery outside their matrimonial home. Noise was heard from their home with loud music in the evening of Sunday as a result of heated argument, from the house, neighbours tried to open the door to resolve the dispute but could not gain entrance, after much effort, they broke the door open and found a horrific scene. With the woman tied with ropes on her legs and hands, with knives around her. The man had stabbed her all over over body as blood was seen gushing out her body, and a bottle of snipper beside the lifeless body of the man with foam coming out of his mouth. Both couple laying death leaving their two kids behind. Both of them were seen seeing jogging that same evening before the incidence.

The state commission of police, Elkana confirmed the incidence and investigation into the incidence has commenced as at press time.

2 thoughts on “Man stabs wife to death, kills self in Lekki mansion

  1. OMG. I keep saying it, Marriage is not for everyone. Guys pls ooooo doesn’t guarantee heaven or happiness. Tifiakwa!!!

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