It is indeed a sad news as another black man known as Rayshard Brooks was shot dead on Friday 13 June in Atlanta.

Rayshard Brooks, 27 an African America was shot by a police officer during a struggle on Friday evening.

Meanwhile protesters and demonstrators have taken to the streets,closing down major highway and burning down the Wendy restaurant that made the call to the police.

Authorities say the police had been called to the restaurant because Mr Brooks had fallen asleep in his car outside the Wendy restaurant which was blocking the drive -through lane. Mr Brooks resisted arrest and failed a breathalyzer test and was seen struggling with the police officers in the video footage released by the police authorities. He was shot and taken to the hospital and later died.

The police chief Erika Shields had resigned, one of the officers involved in the shooting , Garrett Rolfe has been dismissed and investigation is on going.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has confirmed Erika Shield’s resignation.

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  1. Why the killing of blacks, why are the whites doing this, why racism, why can’t we love each other, the skin deffrence is just painting made by God. No human in his or her mother’s womb chose where to come as a race if not the fight would have started in the womb. Or are we humans trying to tell God that he is stupid for painting us with different colors or did God make a mistake by making human white and black? All ye racist you need to answer if you can’t answer then stop the hatred and stop the killing. We are one.

  2. This is totally disturbing, this problem has been there for long, but the unfortunate thing is that our so called leaders, will i say that are not interested or they don’t want to do anything concerning it, God will continue to help.

    But the recent protest is actually a wake up call for all blacks to show the whole world that things have changed its actually not biz as usual,

    God Will help us!

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